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Transforming Work Zones in Texas

How the latest connected technologies can improve safety and efficiency

60 mins webinar with Q&A

Coordinating and communicating disruption on our roadways is vital to increasing safety, reducing congestion and building confidence with the traveling public.  

Watch this webinar and learn how agencies in Texas and beyond can overcome current work zone data challenges, improve internal and cross-jurisdictional communication, and leverage connected work zone technologies to: 

  • Streamline workflows
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase public engagement
  • Improve worker and public safety
  • Enhance planning and optimize closures
  • Manage and mitigate congestion

Learn more about one.network 

Learn how the one.network platform transforms the work zone management lifecycle

In this webinar we'll show you how to overcome today's work zone data challenges, improve internal and cross-jurisdictional collaboration and build future-ready systems and processes.

We share customer insights and demonstrate how our platform:

  • Empowers counties, cities, agencies and public works teams to streamline workflows, improve operational efficiency and increase public engagement.  
  • Enables real time road and lane closures to be plotted, published and pushed directly to leading navigation providers to increase work zone visibility and influence driver behavior.

Learn more from Iteris

How can agencies use ClearGuide® software to further improve the management of work zones?

In this webinar you will learn how agencies can use Iteris' ClearGuide® software to improve work zone safety and efficiency with data driven analysis and real-time performance metrics, allowing them to:

  • Improve planning through analysis of historic traffic trends on proposed detour routes to optimize closures.
  • Monitor real-time traffic conditions the minute a work zone is initiated to manage congestion and improve both worker and public safety.
  • Perform after closure studies to measure the effectiveness of work zone planning to mitigate future congestion.