Connecting work zones & saving lives


In 2023, managing road disruptions and improving efficiency are crucial issues, but the key concern has to be prioritizing safety. Fortunately, road agencies now have an ally in technology and live data that can transform how information is communicated, who communicates it, and where it lands. Now it’s a matter of implementing the right solution to triangulate consistent, trusted information between road workers, third-party organizations including GPS providers, and ultimately drivers.  


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Here's what you'll learn

Download this eBook to learn how you can:  

  • Break down siloes & improve cross-jurisdictional coordination & collaboration.
  • Tackle the 46% increase in work zone deaths since 2010 & meet Vision Zero goals. 
  • Enhance the availability & accessibility of work zone data. 

“It gives peace of mind that drivers don’t have to do anything other than turn on their favorite navigational app, put their phone down, and be able to drive knowing there’ll be real-time information for them as they travel on the state highway system.” 

Ian Satter, Public Information Director 

Florida Department of Transportation 

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